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Jeremy Vreeken – ColumnistColumnist Jeremy Vreeken

Well, that escalated quickly. I guess this means the year is pretty much over. Where’d it go? Every year seems to go faster than the last.

We say these types of things every year when things are almost done. Despite all the complaining and stress we endure throughout the year, when it ends, we all get nostalgic, teary-eyed and a little nervous for what lies beyond that first week of May.

Why? What makes us suddenly fall in love with the same things that, while we were in the middle of them, gave us stress and headaches?

Is it perhaps because we suddenly realise, at the end of it all, how safe and familiar it all is? We may hate being stressed, or always having another assignment due, but it’s what we know. Compared to the job hunt, or finding places to live, or coming up with things to do for the summer or for the rest of your life, school makes way more sense.

Here, we have friends, people who know us, a place to learn and be ourselves. “Out there,” who knows? We can never be totally sure what we’ll encounter after or outside of college, even if some have jobs or marriages lined up, but here, now, we can know somewhat what we’re up against. Beyond the end of the school year can seem like a black abyss, especially for those of us who have no earthly idea what we should or even want to do.

In the end, though, most things have a way of shaking out alright. The key is to realise that life isn’t usually ideal. While this sounds like giving up, it’s not; it’s a challenge to be willing to adapt and accept new situations as they come along. Hopefully, that’s really what we learn in school. Hopefully, we have the skills to do what we’ll need to. We won’t know until we’re forced to find out I guess.

To those of you who are graduating, congrats, have a nice life, good to know you; try not to forget us too quickly. To the students, faculty and staff that actually have to come back and deal with it all again next year, have a great summer, try to enjoy whatever summer employment you find or are stuck with.

Most of all, try to look forward to what next year brings; whether that’s this school, another school, a job, married life, single life. Look for the positives and the possibilities.

Keep your stick on the ice.

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