Track stud shocks nation by choosing Dordt over other schools

Xander York – Staff Writer

Speed. Agility. Quickness. That’s what Trayvonn Brummel brings to the table for the Dordt Defender track team.

Most people outside of the track world have no idea who Brummel is, so to introduce him, here are just a few of the accomplishments he garnered in his time at Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg, Fla.

He was named the 2013 Gatorade National Track and Field Athlete of the Year. He recorded the fastest time ever run by a high school athlete in the 100-meter dash at 9.99 seconds. He won the 100-meter event at the USA Junior Championships, and, to round it all out, he won the 100-meter dash at the New Balance Nationals and Golden South Classic with the nation’s fastest wind-legal time of 10.27 seconds.Hendy

Heralded as one of the fastest high school sprinters in the nation, Brummel had his fair share of schools offering track scholarships. But his choice was a curious one; one many people think he will end up regretting for the rest of his life.

“All I’ve gotten is hate from the national public,” Brummel said. “People all want me to go to their school. Well, guess what? I am the one who gets to choose. God gave me this life, these talents – not you.”

The entire backlash has only fired up Brummel, and he wants to prove his enemies wrong. Now, more than ever, Brummel is dedicated to the sport, and it is only a matter of time before Brummel is shooting for the Olympics.

“I don’t think I’ll compete this upcoming Summer Olympics,” Brummel said. “I mean, I would love to, but I am nowhere near as fast as those guys yet. You have to remember I’m only going to be a freshman in college. Give me time, and someday, I’ll be able to prove Dordt proud.”

So why would the nation’s fastest high schooler choose Dordt College as his go-to school?

“I mean, why not? There are all these Christian athletes in sports, but they all go to these big universities and put their names out there. Thing is, I can do that at a Christian college, too. If I’m good enough, fast enough and deserve it, my name will be out there. Dordt is a great school and, in my mind, a Christian education is important.”

There was some backlash directed towards Brummel’s parents, Cashmeres Brummel and Shree Sanders, for letting their son stray away from a big university where the competition would be much greater.

“He is our son, and we support his decision,” Sanders said. “He wants to strengthen his faith and run track. Guess what? He can do that at Dordt.”

What Brummel can and will bring to the table for the Defender track team is exhilarating. Unless another Great Plains Athletic Conference school can snag a steal like Trayvonn Brummel, Dordt could be running away from the competition, both on the track and on the leaderboard.

Welcome to the 2014 Dordt College freshman class, Trayvonn!

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