Business Trip busted: No learning, all drinking

Captain Morgan – Staff Writer

59 out of the 60 students who attended the annual Dordt College Business Trip were caught drinking while in Milwaukee, Wis. this past week.

Despite the strict rules placed on the business students, they didn’t seem to be affected by the harsh consequences that would follow.

At approximately 11:02 p.m. on ThursdaIMG_4388y night, complaints started to flood in from other visitors at the hotel where the business students were staying. Loud noise and music could be heard all the way outside of the hotel.

The 59 students were caught red-handed with over 45 bottles of alcohol.

After the event, interviews were held to get to the bottom of what really happened.

Only one student remembered. The one student who rose above the influence.

Sophomore Jack Daniels was sober the entire night.

Daniels reportedly attempted to convince his fellow classmates to follow in his footsteps, but they simply refused.

“Honestly, a lot of people who go on this business trip, just go to get turnt up,” Daniels said.

The students who were caught on the trip will receive their due punishment.

“The behavior displayed on this trip was simply and completely disrespectful,” Dordt College President Erik Hoekstra said. “It was disrespectful not only to the school, but to the hotel they were staying at.”

Punishment for all students in the business club that were caught drinking will be as follows:

Each student will receive a level three from the college, as well as permanent expulsion from the business club.

Each student will have to work at 55th with no compensation for the rest of their years at Dordt.

Each student recieves an extra 5,000 dollars added on to their yearly tuition.

Daniels is currently the only remaining member, and is bringing in Sam Adams, math major, and Jim Beam, engineering major, to help him jumpstart a fresh new beginning for the club.

“Now that I am in charge, I am ready to give this club a new face for the department,” Daniels said. “Those who disrespected the business department by drinking on the trip deserved to be kicked off. I am so thrilled to be given this amazing opportunity!”

Daniels, Adams and Beam have already planned their first event of the club, and have put the problems of the previous members behind them.

“This will be the year that Dordt’s business club makes a name for itself,” Adams said.

Students interested in joining Daniels, Adams and Beam in the new business club should contact Daniels by email at:

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