Best Ideafest project will be put into practice

Bandicoot Crumblycake- Staff Writer

On April 1, Dordt students got together to present ideas in the annual Ideafest. Students from all classes and areas of study showed off Powerpoints, posters, videos and speeches on the brilliant ideas they thought they had. Paul Fessler, professor of history at Dordt, was the main organizer of the presentations.

“I’m impressed by how many students signed up to present their ideas,” said Fessler. “I heard so many interesting arguments, including one from that guy who wants a bar on campus.”

Other ideas that students introduced included a petition to lower the price of the mozzarella sticks in the Grille, the blueprints to a potential underground tunnel system connecting all of campus, the start of an official President Hoekstra fan club on campus and a random guy who serenaded his audience with a love song. Aaron Baart, Dordt’s dean of chapel, confessed that he presented the idea for a President Hoekstra fan club.

“I’m definitely President Hoekstra’s biggest fan,” said Baart. “I really think we need a Hoekstra fan club and I figured that no one would notice if I presented something at Ideafest. Since I’m so cool and young, everyone thinks I’m a student.”

All of the ideas presented at Ideafest will be seriously considered by Dordt’s administration. President Erik Hoekstra himself is on the committee that will sit and ponder the benefits of all of the ideas.

“Except the fan club idea,” said Hoekstra. “That’s just creepy.”BeFunky_IMG_6068.jpg

Students hope that the committee will accept their ideas. If their idea gets the approval, then it will be put into practice on Dordt’s campus. Jon De Groot, another member of the committee, has already picked his favorite idea.

“I heard this one great idea to replace chapel with an hour long dance party,” said De Groot. “I think that’s a great idea! I’m positive I would just blow everyone away with my dance moves.”

However, some students could care less if the committee chooses their ideas. Tanner Brasser, a digital media major, presented a movie that he helped produce.

“We made a music video for the song Happy by Pharrell Williams,” said Brasser. “It’s literally the best video in the world, so just having that recognition is satisfaction enough.”

The music video features Brasser dancing to the whole song dressed as a hobbit, so that’s pretty cool.

Other students like Brasser feel that their ideas are good even without the consent of the committee. Aubrey Pasker, a junior, set up a display of artwork during Ideafest.

“I actually didn’t know that Ideafest was going on,” said Pasker. “I was just in the Eckhardt making towers out of my textbooks because I was bored. Someone came by and was like, ‘Whoa! Your artwork is super cool! Ideafest, right?’ and then a bunch of judges came by…I’m still confused.”

If you missed Ideafest on April 1, too bad. The committee will choose the best idea and secretly instigate it into the Dordt way of life without announcing it to anyone. You’ll just have to look for changes and assume they’re the result of this year’s Ideafest.

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