Social work month

Lauren Kleyer – Staff Writer

March is Social Work Month, and the junior social work majors at Dordt College are taking full advantage of the title, planning several events to raise awareness and funds for social issues.

This year, there are three events planned to raise awareness for sex trafficking, abuse and foster care and adoption, according to Jess DeWeerd, a junior social work major who has been helping plan and carry out the activities.

Before Spring Break, a pancake supper raised funds and awareness for a local organization that helps with sex trafficking.

Other events include a movie night on March 26 that is open to the community. The event will feature the movie Camp, a film about Royal Family Kids Camp, a camp for kids who are in foster care.

There will also be a 5K on April 5 to raise awareness for foster care and adoption.

While all social work majors are involved in these events, it is the juniors who have planned the events and will carry them out.

Social work is a growing program at Dordt College. Students are beginning to realize the impact social work can have on society.Pancake supper

“I decided to do social work because I spent my summer at an inner city day camp, working with first through fourth graders, and [I] realized that I wanted to help these kids emotionally,” said sophomore Eric Geels.

Sophomore Chelsea Maxwell recognized early on that she wanted to be involved in something like social work.

“My call first began when I was ten years old and my uncle was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS),” Maxwell said. “Walking alongside [my family] was humbling and it fostered a passion for vulnerable, hurting people.”

There are many stories like these about why students are choosing this major, and all of the students have a true passion for what they are doing.

Having the opportunity to get involved in Social Work Month helps these students to show others the fire that they have for what they are doing, and it also helps them to spread the word about why social work is so important and so necessary.

“Being a social work major at Dordt gives [you] a great opportunity to expand yourself, improve Dordt’s environment…and experience…different areas that many other majors do not experience,” said Haeley Dirksen, a senior social work major.

In addition to the three events the juniors have planned, social work majors will also be helping out at a Christian concert that is going to be held on April 5. This concert will help to support the Royal Family Kids Camp. The concert will be featuring Selah, Mark Schultz, and JJ Heller.

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