Dordt Writes features Jennifer Dukes Lee

Hannah De Vries – Staff Writer

Had enough of not being good enough for the world? This is the question asked in Jennifer Dukes Lee’s newly published book Love Idol: Letting Go of Your Need for Approval – and Seeing Yourself through God’s Eyes. A former Journalism Adjunctat Dordt, Dukes Lee is coming to campus to introduce her new book on Friday, April 4, at 11a.m. in the Library Study Café.

Love Idol is focused on recognizing the constant need for approval that we experience throughout our lifetime, said Dukes Lee in an interview. “My own life journey has been looking to seek approval from other people,” she said. Using personal stories, Dukes Lee brings this fact to light, while redirecting our search for approval from the people around us to God.

“You grow up to be a college person and you’re looking for the approval of someone two doors down or a professor…and then you grow up and look for approval from a boss or a parent, and then you want approval for your children,” said Dukes Lee. “Until you rest in the approval of God, you’re always going to be searching for approval from someone else.”DukesLeeBook

The main audience Dukes Lee wrote to in Love Idol is Christian women. Even so, she says that the issue of searching for approval “is pervasive throughout our culture for men and women, young and old.” This is especially evident through social networking, says Dukes Lee, “where a “like” button can make a huge difference.”

“There are so many things we try and measure up to in our lives, we are constantly trying to seek affirmation from something while we’re performing,” said Dukes Lee. “We forget that God’s love is unconditional, and already ours.” This is a truth that may be easy to read from the Bible, but constantly living it is even more difficult, says Dukes Lee.

Dordt Writes was started in the spring of 2013 by Director of Library Services Sheryl Taylor, Vice President for Administration Bethany Schutinga, and Associate Provost and Dean of Curriculum Leah Zuidema. “It started as an internal way to celebrate books written within the Dordt community,” said Taylor.

The purpose of Dordt Writes, says Taylor, “is to celebrate scholarship and some of the great things happening…in the form of books.” Such a celebration occurs as often as books are published within the Dordt Community, spread out on a monthly basis when there are multiple. “Whether it is staff, faculty, or students, we will have a celebration,” said Taylor.

“It’s been a nice way to affirm the work people are doing and to spread reformed scholarship,” said Taylor. “I’m looking forward to being part of the event,” said Dukes Lee, “and especially to answering any questions people may have about my book.”

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