Career center equips students for life after college

Narayan Núñez Blandón – Staff Writer

Many students are not aware of the services available to them to help obtain skills necessary for life after college. This year, the Career Development Center is working to make these services known.

Career Center is responsible for this school year’s Dinning Etiquette event, Which Fork Should I Use, and the Jobs and Internship Extravaganza. It will also be hosting Life After College, an event that will prepare students for their professional lives after college.

Life After College will take place at CA 317, 318 and 319 on Tuesday, April 8. The event will consist of three panels: Human Resources, Finance and Graduate School. In each panel, professionals will cover topics such as, but not limited to: finances and budgeting, student loans, housing, job benefit packages, common questions in interviews and graduate school.Career Services

At the end of the event, there will be a speed networking opportunity, in which the students will have five minutes to talk to different employers who will be invited to the event.

As the Career Center Coordinator at Dordt College since September 2013, Sarah Moss is the mastermind behind the various events that have occurred over this year. Along with Brandon Huisman, the Director of Alumni and External Relations, Moss tries to foster relationships with employers around the area and even beyond Sioux County to provide students with more networking opportunities.

“We think it is really important for students, even while they are still at college, to take advantage of gaining working skills or learning how to interview well because this is a good time to practice in life: there is not time after that,” Moss said.

The Career Development Center endeavors to help students obtain skills that they can use during their first and second jobs. They also strive to help students become informed when it comes to graduate school decisions.

There are a variety of services offered to students interested in equipping themselves better for potential jobs or internships. Some services include meeting face-to-face with the students for résumé reviews, mock interviews and LinkedIn profile critiques.

Currently, the Career Development Center is working on advertising its services through various activities.

“We had an open house for students at the beginning of January and gave away some free pizza and prizes. Those are some ways to raise awareness about what we can do and how we can help,” said Moss.

Because they are located in the Advancement Office, many students tend to forget that Dordt offers career development services.

“Yes; there is a problem with students realizing where (this place) is, and that is one of the many reasons we keep having different events,” Moss said.

Any student who needs to have their résumé checked, practice for an interview or obtain professional advice, can e-mail Sarah Moss ( and set up an appointment. She is willing to help students with whatever is possible.

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