Talent Extravaganza: Quality entertainment

Jeremy Vreeken – Staff Writer

On Feb. 6 after a night of auditions and deliberation, one of the final pieces in the puzzle that is TX was put into place: the list of performing acts and competitors.

TX, or Talent Extravaganza, is an annual talent show and contest on Dordt’s campus. It showcases special student talents and abilities, including singing, dancing, various instrumental performances and a wide variety of other non-musical talents. The show will take place in the BJ Haan Auditorium on Saturday, Feb. 15 and will be hosted by senior Jory Kok and junior Jake Byma.


This year, 19 different acts auditioned for a spot in the talent show and the chance to compete for cash prizes. Awards include $500 for first place, $300 for second and $100 for third. According to Jory Kok, the competition during auditions was fierce.

“In my opinion, and this being my third year hosting, these are the best talents I’ve seen so far,” said Kok. “It was incredibly hard to choose which ones get in and which ones don’t.”

Byma and Kok were very happy with all of the auditions and offered an apology to all the acts that had to be cut from the show.

“There were so many that were cut that just deserved to be in the show,” said Kok. “If it was up to me, we would have 16 acts in the show; they were that hard to cut.”

Byma and Kok have also been preparing their own special addition to the show. Without uncovering too much of their plan, Byma promised great comedy and unpredictability.

“Expect the unexpected,” said Byma. “Because if you were expecting what we were going to do, it wouldn’t be funny.”

The hosts having been perfecting their segments for quite some time, and promised quality entertainment for those who come out to attend TX. Kok mentioned that though he has hosted before, he is still excited and striving for excellence.

“Being a three-time host, you get a lot of people saying, ‘Oh we’re sick of you, get off the stage, boo!’” said Kok. “But I mean, I don’t care, I’m doing it for the people.”

On top of all of the great acts, Byma promised a little something special for those who choose TX over other Saturday night activities.

“Umm, we’re probably going to have the sexiest hosts we’ve ever had,” said Byma.

Both Byma and Kok agreed that this is an event that is not to be missed by any member of the student body. While acknowledging the quality of other campus events, the hosts were confident that theirs can hold its own.

“I think it’s going to be the best campus event that’s ever happened,” said Kok.

Byma and Kok also strongly urged the entire Dordt student body to come out and support their friends and enjoy the night.

“Get your adult diapers ready Dordt College, you’re going to crap your pants,” said Byma.


Acts of the night:

How To Get A Girlfriend, The Great Jacobi, Taggin’, Hayley Sue Dahl, FGS, Baguio Brothers, Bottle Dance, The One-Woman Disney Show, and Poi.

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