Students find true love

Haley Mulder – Staff Writer

The day is approaching. The day where you let that special someone know just how much you love them.

Or the day when you lock yourself in your dorm, watch Netflix, and drown yourself in food.

Valentine’s Day.

Psych Survey

But single folk do not fear, Dordt’s psych club may have a solution: The Matchmaking Test.

How clean is your bedroom? Cleaner than an operating room? Or does it take about ten minutes to find your bed?

Which way do you prefer your marshmallows? Golden brown or fresh out of the bag?

These are just some of the important life questions found in the Dordt psych club’s match-making test. On Feb. 4, psych club members set up a table in the Grille at 8 p.m. and 55th at 10 p.m. for their latest ingenious idea.

“The idea for the Match-Maker event started when we were looking into fund-raising opportunities,” psych club president Kristen Raygor said. “We wanted to raise money for our other events such as outings and potlucks. We thought Dordt students would get a kick out of it!”

Students of any year could stop by and pick up a test for free. They filled out their answers on the pink and purple sheets filled with promise, and were told to come back Feb. 13 to receive their results for just two dollars.

“We do not calculate the results ourselves, but we send them back to the company and they calculate them,” Raygor said.

Dordt’s psych club is a group of psychology majors and minors that hosts events throughout the year. Some events are educational, and some are just for fun.

“The whole idea of dating at Dordt is kind of the elephant in the room,” Raygor said. “Our intention was to play that up and just have fun with it.”

Included in the matchmaking results are your top ten matches and your bottom ten matches Overall, 270 students filled out the test.

“While it is kind of a cutesy, cheesy event, some students have viewed it as adding on to the relational pressure that Dordt students face, but it’s not meant to come across that way,” Raygor said.

“I took this thing to find my true love,” sophomore Anya Kalsbeek said. “I hope that my matches are all a good fit for me and that I can find my prince!”

So if you are celebrating singles’ awareness day this year, rest assured knowing that the psych club has a little something up their sleeve just for you.

“I hope students are able to embrace the spirit of Valentine’s Day whether celebrating it with their friends, family or significant other!” Raygor said.

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