Seniors struggle to maintain focus

Rachel Mulder – Staff Writer

Senioritis isn’t just for high school seniors; many Dordt seniors find themselves becoming infected with the plague at this point in their college career.

“Senioritis has infected me like mold on an old piece of cheese,” said senior Agricultural Missions major Chris Bylsma.  “It’s so hard to think about school when there are much bigger and better things to do after graduation.”

With graduation just three months away, seniors are having a hard time focusing on homework and instead, spend time searching for jobs and dreaming about the future.

Environmental science major Leah Werkhoven agreed with Bylsma that focus is hard to come by.


“I constantly daydream in class about the future and job applications I must complete,” she said. “Writing a paper for class just seems far less important than figuring out what to do with the slip of paper we will be getting in May. Time is flying by way too fast.”

Bylsma daydreams about other aspects of his future as well.

“I would rather fantasize about my future wife than look at depreciation values in farm management and accounting,” he said.  “I mean, would you rather daydream about your dream lady cooking cheese potatoes for you in jeans and a flannel shirt?  Or would you rather look at how an old pickup truck ages? Yup, that is what I thought.”

Many other seniors seem to agree with Bylsma’s perspective and have already gotten married or have plans to be married this upcoming summer.

“I am definitely more relaxed about my school work this year than I was the past three years. I got married over break and my priority now is to spend time with my husband in the evening so I only do homework in the afternoon,” said Amy Lourens, senior Business Administration major.

In an online U.S. News and World Report article entitled “5 Tips to Battle College Senioritis,” Laura McMullen suggests five ways college seniors can potentially avoid senioritis.

Her tips include taking care of yourself, staying organized, getting motivated, being realistic about grades and jobs, and last, visit the career center.

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