Men’s volleyball begins

Lauren Bird – Staff Writer

This school year, a new club was established at Dordt College. The Men’s Volleyball Club received approval from Student Symposium to get started just before Thanksgiving break.

Men's Volleyball 2

Between Thanksgiving break and Christmas break, three open gyms were held to decide who would be in the club and to see what the competition would look like. The group has also participated in two tournaments: one on Jan. 25th in Lincoln, Neb., and one on Feb. 8th in Duluth, Minn.

The club consists of 14 members and is led by Eric Geels, Austin Lindemulder and Marcus DeWeerd. They practice three times per week and are sometimes joined by Tom Vanden Bosch, former Dordt volleyball coach, who gives them pointers.

“It’s great to have his experience,” said Lindemulder. “We try to take this pretty seriously with no messing around, but we still have fun. It’s a higher level of competition than intramurals.”indemulder and Marcus DeWeerd. They practice three times per week and are sometimes joined by Tom Vanden Bosch, former Dordt volleyball coach, who gives them pointers.

Many of the men involved in this club played volleyball before coming to Dordt. Geels, an RA at Dordt, realized the potential a volleyball club might have.

“I grew up around volleyball but I’ve never really gotten to play,” said Geels. “Marcus DeWeerd was the one who really pushed for a club to get started. I’ve gotten to know a lot of guys by being an RA and I knew we would have enough guys to have a club.”

While Geels says it’s too late for others to join at this point in the season, he says that tryouts may take place in the fall.

“We also hope to host a tournament here in March,” said Geels. “Hopefully we can play another school, like Morningside.”

Dordt students had the opportunity to support the team by going to a tip night held at Pizza Ranch on Feb. 10th. The club received 10% of the commission made from sales, plus any tips.

“The money made will help fund our tournaments and traveling costs,” said Lindemulder.

Further support of the team is encouraged and appreciated.

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