Cultural fair provides opportunity to share culture

Narayan Núñez Blandón – Staff Writer

The cultural engagement club, Students Without Borders (SWB), is preparing for their annual Cultural Fair and Fashion Show.Cultural Fair

A large number of international students, as well as national students, have started planning the event that will take place on the evening of Feb. 22 in the Campus Center. They are already putting up posters on campus and are in the process of deciding what foods to prepare and what demonstrations to hold.

Student Symposium’s officer of the press, Reuben Van Gaalen, says that he is excited for the Cultural Fair and the Fashion Show.

“The (event) is always a big, exciting day,” said Van Gaalen. “It’s a chance to learn about your friends and about where they come from. You really see their excitement about sharing their home.”

Van Gaalen’s favorite event was the chopstick challenge, in which visitors to the fair had to pick up M&M’s from one bowl and place them in another using only chopsticks.

At the cultural fair, students and visitors are welcome to stop by the different country stations. Each country station will have a poster, a student who is either native to or has lived in that country for a long time, and perhaps a game originally from that country or a small sample of traditional food.

This year more than twenty countries will be represented through posters, performances, or cuisine samples. Among the different foods, there will be a variety of dishes from Latin America, Africa and Asia. The students in charge of the foods are excited about sharing the different tastes and spices of their traditional foods.

Winnie Obiero, a sophomore from Kenya, believes that the Cultural Fair is a significant event at Dordt College.

“The cultural fair is important because it provides an opportunity for the international students to showcase a part of their culture and talents,” Obiero said. “(This event) is also informative because (anyone) will be able to learn something new about another country and not forgetting the opportunity to enjoy international cuisines.”

Coordinator of international students Linda Schroedermeier says she likes the Cultural Fair and the Fashion Show because the students demonstrate a little about themselves to others.

“I get excited to see people in their element, in their clothes; sharing color and (sharing food),” said Schroedermeier.

Students Without Borders is a cultural engagement club open for any student to join. It currently seeks to provide every Dordt College student with global cultural engagement opportunities through different activities, including international fashion shows, cultural fairs, movies and dialogue.

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