Jeremy Jabber

Jeremy Vreeken – Columnist

First off, welcome back! I hope your break was as good as mine was, and that Santa didn’t leave coal in your stockings, or whatever. To the transfer students, I hope Dordt is everything you’ve ever dreamed of, or that it’s just ok, either way. Sure, it’s cold right now, but that’s because it’s winter, and you knew it was coming. Despite the weather, I’m sure this semester will be as great as any.

Now, down to business. Just before Christmas break, as a story in this issue indicates, a car was pulled out of a pond in the nearby town of Alton. This car happened to be a Dordt Campus Security car from the late 1990’s. Apparently the car was stolen and at some point was driven into the pond. (No one was hurt.) This story surprised me because it sounds like something that would happen at a college in the movies or on TV, not in real life. It all seemed too crazy to be true.

What equally surprised me was my next thought, “Are we boring?” I wanted to say no. When I thought about it, though, I was disappointed, and a little offended to discover that, yes, at times, life outside of class here can be a little boring. We don’t have the crazy frat parties, the intense freshman initiation tradition, the hacky sack clubs, or even the protests and demonstrations of those colleges in the movies. Granted, life isn’t a movie, and I get that. Sometimes I just wish that life here was a little more wild than playing Settlers of Catan every night or going to Wal-Mart just because there’s nothing else to do.

If we are boring, I guess the next question to ask would be, “Why?” Well I’m sure that there are many things that contribute to our lack of movie-level excitement including, but not limited to, our distance from a major center, the size of the town we live in, the size of our campus, the fact that it gets cold outside, and the fact that so many people here are either cousins or have gone to school together since they were 5. Would I be outside of my rights to ask if perhaps another reason for the lack of movie-level excitement around here is the fact that it is a Christian campus? I guess some would argue that a lack of certain movie college habits and shenanigans is a good thing.

So how do we become more exciting? I believe that becoming more exciting simply starts with not being complacent and willing to sit around every night and do homework or play video games, especially on the weekend. If you find yourself getting bored, just go do something. Don’t rely on something just “coming up” because it rarely does. Instead, make something happen; do something crazy, simply because it’s crazy. (Within a certain level of reason I guess. Crimes are discouraged.)

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