Eleven years of music culminate in one night

Eric Rowe – Staff Writer

Senior Kristen Raygor and junior Jessica McCarty are presenting a recital on Feb. 28 at 7:30 p.m. in the B.J. Haan. Raygor will play both the tenor and alto saxophone and McCarty will play the flute. The recital will be one hour long, including a ten minute intermission. Each half will feature one of the musicians.


Raygor hopes that showcasing a lower instrument and a higher instrument will provide good variation throughout the recital.

This recital is based entirely around Raygor and McCarty. The music department has guidelines for what needs to be done, but the two have organized their own music and written the program notes themselves.

“The reception afterwards is done totally by Kristen and myself,” McCarty said. “We’ve had awesome roommates that help us.”

“It’s a lot more work than I thought.” Raygor said. “Writing the program notes, you have to know the piece really well. I never really got into the listener’s shoes before.”

Raygor first thought about having a recital her junior year and was encouraged to pursue a recital by her music teacher, Pam De Haan.

“I had most of my music prepared last semester,” McCarty said. “Kristen did hers last year in the spring.”

McCarty is a technical theater major with a general music minor and Raygor is a clinical psychology major and a communication minor.

“Neither of us are music majors,” Raygor said. “Our decision to play an instrument in college and have a recital is purely out of our love for music.”

In fifth grade, Raygor’s first instrument was the flute, and she sat in front of the saxophone players in band. When she saw that the flautists had fast notes and accidentals everywhere, while the sax player’s notes were easy, she switched and has been playing saxophone for the past 11 years.

McCarty has also been playing for 11 years.

“It’s been half my life and all of my fingers plus one,” McCarty said.

Raygor has been a part of band and jazz band since her freshman year of college. Her experience in jazz band was helpful when she put together her recital music. One piece of music requires improvisation, which is something you don’t learn in band.

The recital will feature four solos by Raygor and two by McCarty. McCarty is also performing a duet with a fellow flautist, junior Megan Ludens.

“Jessica and I have a nice saxophone and flute duet that should be interesting,” Raygor said.

Raygor hopes the recital will be “a nice leaving moment.”

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