Give This Christmas Away

Lauren Bird-Staff Writer

Starting the week of December 3, students at Dordt College were encouraged to donate in a drive called “Give This Christmas Away.”

The drive had themed collection days for things that students could donate. These were Money Monday, Toy Tuesday, Wardrobe Wednesday, Toiletry Thursday and Food Friday.

Notifications for this drive were passed around Dordt’s campus before Thanksgiving break so that students could bring back items they might have had at home to donate, such as clothes or toys.

Students could bring their donations to their RAs or CDAs or to Student Services. Most donations went out to people in need in Sioux County; however the money will be given to the AMOR teams to be used as needed.

“Give This Christmas Away” ended on December 13, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop being generous with our giving, said Elizabeth Riley, a West Hall RA.

“I think it’s important for students to at least consider giving to drives like this one,” said Riley. “As Christians, we are called to love those around us, especially those in need. At Christmastime, there are a lot of ways to give, and I know some students are doing other things already.”

This drive and others like it can remind us of how blessed we are, said Aubrey Pasker, also an RA at Dordt.

“It’s good for us to take a moment to realize that we don’t need everything that we have,” said Pasker. “We need to realize how many items we have that we don’t actually use and then hopefully do something about it.”

But our hearts need to be in the right place when donating, said Pasker.

“Giving out of guilt does still give to those in need, but we aren’t acting out of love as we should,” said Pasker. “There should probably be more prayer involved in donating our things than we imagine.”

Riley agreed that our hearts need to be in the right place when we donate to drives like Give This Christmas Away, and said that we can impact many lives if we choose to participate.

“‘Give This Christmas Away’ does provide a convenient way to bless the community around Dordt and give back to those who do a lot for us,” said Riley.

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