Library adds kinesthetic furniture and treadmill

Jon Janssen-Staff Writer

Are you having trouble staying awake while studying?  Do you need to be moving around in order to understand your history book?  The new kinesthetic furniture in the library may be the solution to your problems.

Installed this semester, the equipment is open to anyone needing a boost of energy and motion to finish their studies.

The FitWork Walkstation Treadmill Desk by Details was installed two weeks ago. It is located on the southwest side of the upper level of the library. It has a vertically adjustable platform so students of any height can comfortably study or read while walking.

“We brought in the kinesthetic furniture because some people are kinesthetic learners, or even if someone needs to finish a chapter but they keep falling asleep, they can walk on the WalkCenter to stay awake,” she said.

The treadmill has a maximum speed limit setting so others in its vicinity are not distracted by the loud noise caused by a faster moving belt.

“The treadmill never goes faster than 2 miles per hour, so save your workouts for the gym,” the Hulst library blog said.

Senior Lisa Smith was complimentary of the Walkstation after trying it out for an hour.

“The first time I used the Walkstation, it was a joke; however, I discovered that I actually really liked it.  I was very productive in the hour I spent on it and found myself less distracted.  I will be using it again,” Lisa said, praising the table’s adjustable feature and large size.

Approving as she was, Lisa had one concern with the Walkstation.

“The only criticism of the Walkstation that I have is its placement,” said Smith. “ I understand that there is a lot of room in that area to accommodate the machine, but it is awkward to use in front of so many people.”

Along with the Walkstation, the library also added two bouncy red chairs—Zenergy Ball Chairs—and a white board table in the Teaching Resource Center.

Sheryl Taylor, director of library services, noted the connection between the chairs and the TRC.

“We put the chairs in the Teaching Resource Center because they went with the interactive learning aspect of the room,” Taylor said.

The ball chairs have a rubbery round seat with no back and are meant to keep a body active while sitting on them.  The constant adjustment of posture is a perfect amount of movement for people who cannot be stationary while working on homework.

The chairs have been quite popular for students.  Taylor commented on the rising demand for kinesthetic seating.

“We are actually adding four more bouncy chairs to the lower level of the library because of their popularity,” Taylor said.

She hopes to implement the new chairs as soon as possible.

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