Dordt hosts Defender Days

Rachel Mulder-Staff Writer

They’re getting hitched! Parent’s weekend and Alumni weekend are combining for the first time, and Dordt staff has been working hard to prepare Dordt’s campus for the many parents and alumni that will be present this weekend.

“Defender Days gives Dordt alumni, parents, current and prospective students a great opportunity to interact and experience the college.  Over the years, they were two separate weekends, but with Dordt’s strong legacy rate (students whose parents are alumni) it made sense to bring the two weekends together,” said Brandon Huisman, director of alumni and external relations.

“One of the unique things about the Dordt community is the percentage of students who have had parents that went here.  Combining Parent’s Weekend and Alumni Weekend really gives us the best of both worlds,” said Dianne DeWit, promotional programs coordinator.

“Community is at the heart and soul of our college.  Defender Days invites alumni back to campus to renew friendships, form new bonds, and see the great things that are happening with students on campus,” said Huisman.

The most highly attended events will be the Fall Music Festival, President’s Brunch, and Late Night with the Defenders, according to DeWit.

Other events taking place include a hockey game, alumni volleyball game, the annual Goheen Gallop 5k, Business Connections Breakfast, and the Distinguished Alumni Banquet.

The majority of events taking place have been held for many years at past Parent and Alumni weekends, but theme days that were held this week were a new addition.

“Students are considered alumni after they’ve completed 24 credits at Dordt, so we were looking for ways to engage our youngest alumni crowd, the students, and felt (theme days) would be one way that they can lead Defender Nation in the festivities of Defender Days,” said DeWit.

Students were able to dress up as a favorite professor, dress like their major, and showed off their Dordt pride on Spirit Day.

Prizes will be awarded Friday at the Defender Days Rock, Paper, Scissors championship for the winners of this Theme Days competition.  One iPad, 3 iPods and various gift cards will be given out.

The Advancement office does the majority of the planning and coordinating for this weekend, but this year the planning has been a campus-wide effort as there is much to be done to prepare for the number of people expected to attend.  They have been planning since last year’s parents’ weekend.

“300 people would be an accurate number, but that doesn’t even include all of the students who are involved in the Fall Music Festival, School for Scandal, and athletic events,” said DeWit.

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