Committed to service and fun

Sam De Groot

The Fruited Plain Cafe is committed to serving qual­ity products to eat and drink. They are also committed to hosting quality events to en­joy, and they want to offer an invitation for the Dordt com­munity take part in both.

Laremy De Vries, owner of the Fruited Plain, plans to host wine tastings and other activities this fall. The Fruit­ed Plain encourages having a good time through many of its events. The coffee shop regularly hosts karaoke nights, open mic nights and live music. The popular Dordt College band, the Jerries, are regulars on the Fruited Plain stage.

“We get a lot of music here, although probably not as much as I wish we would,” De Vries said. “If there is anyone who wants to play, we are always willing to have live music here. Just come chat with me, and I’ll put you on the calendar.”

The Fruited Plain also has a regular weekly special event, called $2 Tuesday, or TWO$DAY. Each Tuesday, certain beers, lattes and gelato smoothies are specially priced at $2.

Another fun event the shop has planned is winter board game days. Although no dates have been set yet, De Vries hopes they will be a welcome relief to the monotony of “frigid January and February days that are all too close.”

If you would like to keep track of when these events are, De Vries said the coffee shop’s Facebook page–The Fruited Plain Cafe–is the best place to find out.

Although having fun is an important concept behind the Fruited Plain, it is more than just a party place.

“Everything we sell tries to facilitate a good conversa­tion,” De Vries explained.

The Fruited Plain sells a variety of conversation facili­tators. From lattes to smooth­ies, international beers to their flatbread pizza, every menu item asks the buyer to sit down and enjoy a good chat with someone. Although the menu has a growing flat­bread pizza section and ever rotating beer and wine op­tions, its specialty is still what coffee shops were meant to serve–coffee drinks.

“At the heart of what we are is a pretty traditional cof­fee shop. We want you to be able to come in and get a bot­tomless cup of coffee so you can sit here all Saturday af­ternoon and do homework or talk to friends,” De Vries said. “We want to be expectant…. We want people to know what to expect and to get it.”

This expectation seems to be working because the Fruit­ed Plain is never empty. This doesn’t surprise most who have experienced the Fruited Plain. If one likes ambiance, wants to try a new drink or is looking to get a buy-one, get-one-half-off deal on flatbread pizza this weekend, the Fruit­ed Plain is definitely a place to check out.

“Come to the Fruited Plain, we’d love to get to know you, love to make you a great drink and love to make this a great place to hang out,” De Vries said.

For more information about this event or other happenings at the Fruited Plain, don’t hesitate to contact Laremy De Vries at (712) 722-0901, or check out The Fruited Plain.

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