And You Thought You Were Having A Bad Day: A Review On ‘Gravity’

Megan Kaiser-Staff Writer

I thought getting lost in a Wal-Mart was bad. That is nothing compared to how bad of a day Sandra Bullock’s character has in Gravity. I saw it on a Thursday night and there were probably only 10 of us in the theatre. I have nothing against that. Before I went and saw the movie, I did some scavenging on the Internet to find some facts about Gravity.

Let’s start with some basic information. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney play the two main characters, Stone and Kowalsky, and these are literally the only two people we see throughout the whole 90-minute movie. Gravity has been four and half years in the making. Do you know what I accomplished roughly in that amount time?

High School. Lame, right?

A basic summary of this plot is that they’re up in space attempting to fix some equipment on the outside of their shuttle. Flying debris hits, destroying their shuttle and leaving them drifting alone in space. This not only happens once, but twice! I feel as though I can no longer complain about anything, because losing my ID card has absolutely nothing on being lost in space.

There are no credits at the beginning of the movie. The movie trailers end, the title pops on screen, and boom, Gravity starts. The first shot of the film is around 17 minutes long. Did you catch that? I said “shot.” There are no cuts in the first 17 minutes. That is one long continuous shot. Are you aware of how impressive that is?!

You go, George Clooney.

When I first saw the trailer for this film, I felt like I had watched the whole thing right then and there. I really did not have that much hope for or interest in the movie, but I continually heard amazing things about it. It truly is a beautiful film. The shots of earth are simply magnificent. I cannot even emphasize that enough. It makes me want to go to space, but it also makes me want to keep my feet on the ground for the rest of my life. Two things that occurred to me after the film: I was thoroughly moved by Sandra’s performance, and George Clooney is still one handsome dude.

I am not ashamed.

There are some other points I should make as well. I don’t think my heartbeat was regular for more than five minutes in that film. My blood pressure was just not having it. It was straight up nerve-wracking. I also have the world’s worst motion sickness and the whole 3D thing did not help whatsoever. In the end, it was totally worth it. The 3D was not terrible (besides getting jacked out of three dollars for glasses), but seeing it in Imax would have even been even better. I can back up that statement with an article I read by Steve Dimatteo titled, “See Gravity in Imax 3D or Forever Hate Yourself.”

Ok, thanks Steve.

Overall, I’d say the film is a must-see. Nothing has ever been done like this before. Even if space isn’t your jam (puns for days), I still think that it would be a great thing to experience. Have a solid 90 minutes to kill? Go see Gravity. It’s out of this world.


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