We’re in L.A., do you care?

Kyle Dykema and Darin Lammers-Columnists

Hi, we’re Kyle and Darin, and we’re going to talk about Los Angeles and stuff.

Darin: For you readers back home, we just want to start off by saying that we’re not columnists. We’re terrible.

Kyle: It’s true. We agreed to do this, only because we love you.

Darin: Aww! Kyle! That’s sweet.

Kyle: Yeah. I was just trying to butter them up so they don’t hate us after reading this. So what should we talk about?

Darin: Well…let’s start with this: what’s the craziest thing you’ve seen in L.A. so far?

Kyle: Well I don’t know if this is the craziest thing I’ve seen, but the other night I was in Santa Monica with a friend. We were going down some stairs, and passed these two people who were smoking… uh… “medicinal” substances… anyways, as we passed them, this skull fell out of a blanket one of the guys was carrying, and it started to fall down the stairs. So he went chasing after it yelling “My skull! My skull!”  It was…odd.

Darin: I’ve seen some weird things, too. I saw a guy riding a bike carrying a bike. He was my personal hero for the day.

Kyle: He was everyone’s hero.

Darin: Also, I got cussed out by a Black man for not knowing where the nearest Subway was. He started following me, calling me ****ing white trash. I still don’t know where the Subway is.

Kyle: You should probably get on that.

Darin: Yeah I know…

Kyle: Everyone at Dordt’s going to think the people in L.A. are thugs and crazy glue sniffers.

Darin: No, those are just the most memorable people.

Kyle: True. But there are other things we’ve noticed that don’t just involve weird people.

Darin: Yeah. On a more a serious note, something I’ve noticed is that the poor and the rich are not isolated into separate communities. Really nice buildings and apartments will neighbor trashy little houses. It’s just something that jumped out at me. What about you?

Kyle: Being here, and being on this program (Los Angeles Film Studies Center), I’ve learned that there’s actually quite a lot of Christians here, and they all seem pretty close to one another. They all want to help each other out. It’s a smaller community of Christian filmmakers and artists within the larger community of L.A.

Darin: There’s a ton of people in the film industry that you wouldn’t expect to be Christians. We met Doug Jones (Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy), and he talked about being a Christian actor here. We also sat next to Link from Youtube’s “Rhett and Link” in church, which caught me off guard. You just don’t expect semi-famous people to be sitting next to you in church pews.

Kyle: One of our professors served as an elder alongside Tony Hale (Buster from Arrested Development). So things like that. You’d be surprised who’s a part of the Christian community in L.A. It’s cool to see.

Darin: Agreed. Well, we should probably wrap it up. Thanks for reading everyone. Hope it wasn’t the train wreck we think it is.

Kyle: It totally was.

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