Dordt theatre to perform School for Scandal

Rachel Mulder-Staff Writer

The Dordt theatre department has been hard at work preparing for their production of School for Scandal, which will begin October 10 at the TePaske Theatre in Sioux Center, IA.

“(The play) raises interesting questions about honesty, integrity, and who we are in community with each other,” said Teresa Ter Haar, director of School for Scandal and chair of the theatre arts department.

The play is a Restoration Comedy, set in 1777 and written Richard Brinsley Sheridan.  According to Ter Haar, Dordt’s Theatre Arts department hasn’t done a Restoration style play since 1992 and she is excited about their modern rendition of this style.

“School for Scandal is all about intrigue, gossip, and hiding behind masks. It features a high-class society addicted to creating scandal–something it does very well,” said senior Shannon Spargo, stage manager for the production.

Ter Haar and Spargo agree that rehearsals are going very well. The cast has run through the entire play already and actors have begun to memorize their lines.

“The play is all about witty language, so it is a challenge for the actors to memorize such stylized dialogue,” said Ter Haar.

The play is approximately two and a half hours long with intermission. Students should keep in mind that admission for the final dress rehearsal, held on October 9, is free.

“We’re incorporating lots of physical comedy and the women are getting used to their corsets and the men have to deal with coats with tails. Be prepared for a raucous theatrical experience!” said Ter Haar.

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