High expectations for volleyball

Christian Zylstra-Staff Writer

Dordt College volleyball has a rich history filled with quality teams and many awards and accomplishments. Since the beginning, Dordt has become accustomed to success and this year is expected to be no different. They even received several votes to be included in the NAIA top-25.

When asked about the expectations and goals he has for this team, head coach Chad Hanson said, “We are still in the process of laying out goals.” However, the team has met and discussed this topic.

“We have high expectations for ourselves on and off the court,” said Hanson.

In fact, many of the goals Coach Hanson has for the team are not on the court but in the community. He wants them to grow as a community of players and women of faith in Christ.

“I think what excites me the most about our squad is our potential,” said Hanson. “This team is filled with leadership and continuity throughout the program,” explained Hanson.

Three seniors—Lindsey Floen, Kayla Broekhuis, and Jocelyn Bousema—headline this squad and are the veteran presence in the locker room. “We have a lot of girls who are able to act and react. They enjoy playing together,” said Hanson.

Of course, injuries are always an issue that every team has to deal with along the way.

“Health is going to be key,” said Hanson; however, if Dordt is able to avoid those big impactful injuries, “We can go really far. We just need to be healthy and really clicking when it matters.”

As good as Dordt volleyball has been, Dordt is still hoping to improve on their 22-12 (11-5) record from last season.

“We can always work on our mental toughness when finishing matches. We were right in [the GPAC race] through two-thirds of the season. There were a lot of close matches. I want us to work on our selfless pursuit with that killer instinct,” explained Hanson.

Dordt has several big matches coming up in the near future, but they are not spending time looking ahead.

“We honestly are taking it one match at a time. If we beat Doane, Northwestern, or Midland, the three teams ahead of us, but still lose to the teams below us, then we end up in the middle of the pack,” said Hanson.

Coach Hanson described, “We do realize that those matches against Northwestern and Midland are big.” Midland is ranked 13th, Northwestern is 23rd, and Doane received votes for the NAIA top-25.

Dordt has a tough schedule ahead, but with all of the leadership and team chemistry, you can expect quality volleyball played for God’s glory.

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