Trust is such an overused word. I mean, if I had a dollar for every time I was told or realized that I needed to trust Jesus more, I wouldn’t have to trust Him to provide the cash I need for the ridiculous amount of loan money I have to pay off after I graduate. The theme of trust runs through everything we do. I mean, how many times has the phrase “just trust me” been used by some book or movie character? And after hearing some of the stories involving those Hollywood folk, my answer would be a solid, “Heck no!”

But the fact remains that we all put our trust in something. Whether it is in fact Jesus; or whether, and more likely, it is money, recognition, relationships, or something else that could be gone in the blink of an eye, we all have those things in which we trust. The truth about trust, though, is that those things in which we put our trust will shape our actions and who we are as people.

Let’s take video games for example. Lots of people put their trust in video games. Sorry, lots of guys put their trust in video games while girls just wonder how we could be so stupid and easily entertained as they stare at wedding photos on Pinterest for the third straight hour. But the person who trusts video games will soon start to go to said games for their comfort. When they have had a tough day – video games. When they need a release – video games. When they need to feel peace and calm – video games. Are we starting to see the problem? When video games – or Pinterest, Facebook, money, or relationships – are where we go to for peace and calm away from the harshness of live, it shapes us. We start putting our trust in those things to provide what we need, even if it’s as ridiculous as a giant, man-eating plant.

So what’s the solution? Well, anyone who has been to Sunday school knows the answer to that. It is, of course, Jesus. When we need peace, relaxation, joy, healing, provision, calm, or any number of other things, we can and need to trust Jesus. And we need to do this because He is the only thing in this world that promises to give them. Think about that. He promises to give us peace, joy, provision, calm, and any number of other things. I Timothy 2:13 states, “If we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself.” That means that even when we are not faithful to God (which, by the way, is most of the time), He will remain faithful to His promises to us.

The next time I place my trust in something other than God, He will come through for me; He’s kind of the Man that way. But I will go through unneeded disappointment, consternation, and a stark realization of my stupidity for no reason. And it is the same for you. God is going to come through for you in one way or another; it is in His nature. The question that remains is whether or not you are going to find peace, joy, and contentment in knowing that or go through the difficult process of finding out something else isn’t worth the trust you thought it was.

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