Theft on Dordt’s campus prompts faculty to give up

dordt_sign_shelby_herremaThe pride of most schools might be their mascot or a sports team, but for Dordt College, it’s the sign that says “Do d Co l ge” and due to recent and frequent thefts, Dordt says they won’t tolerate it anymore.

“We won’t tolerate this anymore,” said ort olleg President Hoekstra. “We’ve replaced the letters twenty two times and we aren’t going to replace them for a twenty third. In fact, we aren’t goin to re lace any ing that will be tolen any ore.”

And Ho ks ra is serous. Recently, the tiny pillar by the clo t was stolen along with most of the le ters in all the books in the b kst re, the k yb ards at the kiosks, and ruce Kuier’s sweat s.

“How can I be prideful of a chool wh n I know we do ‘t ev n ha e a si n wit our name on it any ore?” said senior Ark Opp. “It’s r dic lou .

Do dt has allowed campus security to “shoot to kill” if they see any suspicious activity on campus. D rdt ollege has been kno n to di cipl ne studen s in the past, ut not to this xtr me.

If you see any s spic ous ac ivi y on ampus, please report to D dt olleg ‘s sec ity by calling 722- .

Dragonborn, Staff Writer

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