Sioux Center Weather…Bipolar?

Have any of you wondered about Sioux Center’s weather? I know I have. I can’t even go on Twitter anymore because my Twitter feed blows up about the weather. I mean isn’t there anything else to talk about here? Well, not really…it’s Dordt. One day its 80 degrees and the next day there’s a blizzard. Like really, think about it. This winter we’ve been having isn’t like any winter Iowa has had before. We hardly got any snow until March, I wore flip-flops in January, and now we got snow again in April?

Well anyway, I have a theory about our weather. Have any of you seen The Truman Show? I believe it’s like that. Sioux Center is in a bubble and it’s being controlled by a group of people who want us to suffer. Why else would they tempt us with warm temperatures in January and then give us a foot of snow right after (what is supposedly) Spring break?!

Another reason I believe this is because up in Minnesota where I hail from there is many inches of snow on the ground. They got bombarded with snow this year. In fact, I never had a single snow day in all my years of schooling and this winter they had a snow day. Just my luck that they would have a snow day after I leave…but that’s beside the point. The point is, only a few hours north they have a few feet of snow; and that’s true all around Sioux Center. Southern Iowa got tons of snow too, especially around Christmas break. Highways were shut down and there were thousands of accidents, it was like the apocalypse! But not true for Sioux Center…only mild wind and a few flakes.

So that’s my theory. Sioux Center is in a weather bubble. We have no control over the weather and it’s going to continue to upset us. There’s nothing we can do, but post status after status on Facebook and hash tag our problems away on Twitter. #happyspring

Claire Annette, Columnist

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