PDA Banned on Campus

Emily-PDApo-po2Dordt College officially banned Public Displays of Affection on campus last Friday, due to the complaints from faculty and students concerning PDA on Dordt’s campus.

According to Bethany Schuttinga, Associate Provost, all acts of PDA will be prohibited. This includes hugging for more than 5 seconds, hand holding, and kissing of the neck, head, or face.

“PDA just isn’t acceptable, especially on a Christian campus. Nobody wants to see that stuff,” Schuttinga said.

The Sexual Standards and Conduct Policy will be changed to include PDA as an offense. The policy will now say: “Dordt College is committed to maintaining an environment where employees and students abide by biblical injunctions and admonitions regarding sexual activity, and refrain from sexual immorality and PDA.”

According to the policy, the college will now specifically prohibit engaging in, promoting, or advocating PDA.

Students and employees who are found engaging in any sexually prohibited activity will be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.

According to Schuttinga, the punishment for not adhering to the new PDA rule will result in a Level III. In the Student Code of Conduct, a Level III is a dismissal status and could result in community service, a fine up to $100, consultation with the Dean of Chapel, notification of parents, and a PDA Problem seminar for both of the involved parties.

President Hoekstra stands behind the new PDA ban. “The media already exposes young Christians to the idea that pre-marital relations are acceptable, and PDA on campus only affirms this belief,” he said.

As a result of the new rule, security will be increased. Dordt will start a new workstudy called the “PDA Police.” These new security members will ride bicycles around campus and write citations for any inappropriate behavior according to the newly revised Sexual Standards, PDA, and Conduct Policy.

One additional rule that all students should be aware of is that all underclassmen dorm rooms including people of the opposite sex will now need to be propped open with three shoes. Students should also remember that a flip flop does not qualify as a shoe.

Dordt Senior, Jared Bonestroo, is beyond pleased with the new ban on PDA. According to him, there should have been a rule like this a long time ago.

“It is absolutely disgusting to see people all over each other in public. If people want to show affection in their rooms, that is their business. But I don’t need to see people kissing in the Campus Center lobby while I’m still trying to digest my lunch,” Bonestroo said.

Crystal Bell, Staff Writer

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