Ask an Athlete: Dustin Brisel

ask an athleteName: Dustin Brisel
Age: 21
Major: Elementary Education with endorsement in Special Education
Sport(s) Involved: Baseball
Why did you come to Dordt?
Dordt was a place for me play baseball two more years after my surgery at Marshalltown Community College. Also I heard nothing but positives about the Education program here.

How did you first become involved in sports?
I’ve been playing sports my whole life. My dad played a lot of the same sports (football, basketball, baseball) that I ended up playing throughout my childhood and high school years, so he had a huge impact on me being involved.

What do you think sets baseball apart from any sport out there?
I really think it’s the mental side of the game. Baseball is such a mentally demanding game and there is just not a lot of people that can handle that demand on a day to day basis all year around.

Who’s your favorite professor here at Dordt?
Professor Mulder! That man has more energy than I do and that’s impressive.

Why have you taken such an enthusiastic approach when it comes to leading the student section when it comes to Dordt athletics?
My roommates last year really had an effect on that for me (Jordan Vogel, Chris Seivers, Cliff Warner, Jon Vogel, Austin Vande Vegte). It was always fun when they won early in the year so I thought why not make it even more fun for them and make it enjoyable for the fan as well. I love the atmosphere the DeWitt has to offer and I think our student section and the way we go at things makes it even better.

What single event would you go back in time to go see?
Probably to see Babe Ruth call his shot and just to see how far that ball actually went.

If you weren’t at Dordt right now, where do you think you would be?
Well hopefully somewhere south playing ball.

If you could have your choice of any celebrity date, who would you choose?
Kate Upton

Let’s say you win the lottery, what do you choose to do with the money?
First pay off my debt here and probably give my parents a healthy chunk so they can both retire. After that probably just have some fun with the left over!

What are top five things on your bucket list?
Go to every MLB ballpark, skydive, go to Australia, witness a perfect game in person, and box a kangaroo.

Justin Pastoor, Sports Editor

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