Thoughts on Love

On the spirit of this holiday, I thought some thoughts on love might be appropriate. This holiday is simple and how to behave today is even simpler. Don’t steal anyone’s thunder on a day like today. If you are single, quit moping and whining that no one loves you and that you will be forever alone. Maybe the reason you are alone is because your standards are too high or you just give off a creepy vibe. If you are in a relationship, please respect the social contract when it comes to PDA. It’s great you found somebody, but the cold, hard truth is that the only people who really care are the two of you and your families. Don’t shove your “love” in everyone else’s face.

Single people. Don’t hate on the people in relationships. There is nothing wrong with being single. There is nothing wrong with being in a relationship. If you really want to be in one so badly, then go get in one. Whatever excuse you just told yourself, throw it out the window. You are the only person holding yourself back.

Couples. It’s great you found someone who understands you. I’m happy that you found someone that you connect with. It’s great that you can celebrate your unique love that nobody else can ever understand. But remember, you need to celebrate your unique love when it’s just the two of you. I’m all for holding hands, baby, but get your hands out of each other’s back pockets. Quit kissing in the corner of the grill. Save it for later and save us our lunches.

Do I sound bitter? I don’t mean to. This holiday is filled with more bitter people than any other holiday. Kind of ironic, isn’t it?

Adam McDonald, Head Editor

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