Redbox Review: Pitch Perfect

Promotional_poster_for_film__Pitch_Perfect_Rating: 7/10

Memorable Line: I’m doing horizontal running!

That one girl. I recognize her from somewhere. She’s really familiar…no, it’s not the one character we all remember from Bridesmaids. That one girl from Twilight is back and has landed herself in a pretty good role. Pitch Perfect is reminiscent of many other underdog stories we’ve seen in the past; just pick any of the Step Up movies. Pitch Perfect does stand out well on its own however. With a plot that looks overall like Joyful Noise meets Bridesmaids meets Glee, it focuses on new college freshman Beca, an independent DJ who is looking to fulfill her father’s wishes of attending college to make a future for herself.

But this instantly loveable main character has plenty of her own ideas. And after getting practically drafted into the all-female a capella group on campus, she takes it upon herself to help the so-called “Bellas” forget the past and create a new musical future with her own original beats and mash-ups, budding romance with a member of the rival all-male a capella group notwithstanding.

While the main plot of the movie culminates in a final competition between the two singing groups, it is the personality of the characters and their own stories that really makes this movie worth watching. We all know that Fat Amy (the same actor also starring in Bridesmaids) pretty much steals the show. The real humor of the movie is built off the sexual humor and outrageous one- liners you can’t help but laugh at, and wonder how the actors delivering them are keeping themselves from cracking a smile.

Overall, this movie is perfect for a night in with friends. This movie doesn’t hold back, so be sure you’re around the kind of friends you aren’t afraid to do the same around when it comes to incredibly outrageous, slightly weird, but totally hilarious humor. This humor is what carries the movie, along with a plot and matching characters that are worth sticking with and rooting for all the way to the end.

Hannah DeVries, Co-Editor

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