Ask An Athlete: Anthony Hallum

Name: Anthony Hallum
Class Year: Senior
Major: K-12 Physical Education
Sport(s) Involved: Football
Position(s): Corner
Where are you from? Visalia, CA
How did you first become involved in sports?
I was about 6 years old when I realized I had no job, a bad milk addiction, and I was playing house with 2 girls. I looked myself in the mirror and said, “I need to change my life.” So I joined t-ball
Why did you come to Dordt?
One of my high school coaches talked to me about the school and then everything fell into place.
Strictly with sports, of your four years of football, what were a couple of the highlights?
Beating Waldorf with a shutout at home junior year was one of my favorite memories. Other than that I remember Josh VanKempen’s touchdown runs and my memories of playing with all of my friends and fellow seniors.
Favorite professor at Dordt and why?
Jeff Schouten. I’ve taken a number of classes with him and have some of the most memorable content I was taught was in his class.
What is the first thing you would change at Dordt?
The fact that you have to be 22 to move off campus. Or married…
A word of advice to the freshmen?
Don’t procrastinate. It’s not worth it. Also, invest in a nice jacket.
What event in history would you go back in time to see?
I would want to see the look on Christopher Columbus’ face when he saw Native Americans for the first time.
What is the first thing you would you do if you had no financial restrictions?
Open a charity for Dordt student’s tuitions.
What is the number 1 song played in your iTunes?
Blue- Eiffel 65
Five things on your bucket list:
Visit Europe, go skydiving, win a national hot dog eating contest, go to the moon, and win a marathon without training.
What are your plans after Dordt?
After Dordt I’ll be looking for a job teaching PE, hopefully somewhere warm.

Justin Pastoor, Sports Editor

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