Just one shade of gray

Have you noticed a lot of gray around campus lately?

The sweatshirt and sweatpants that have been featured as the blockbuster sale items in the bookstore for the past two semesters are the exact same shade of gray. Is it a coincidence? Some students think not.

“It seems like the bookstore is carrying a lot of gray now…it’s like they want all of us to look the same or something,” said Tyler Franks, a freshman communications major.

Some would argue that this desire for students to appear physically the same is actually part of a deeper plot to mold students into an encompassing, psychological model based on Reformed values and tradition.

Core 100 is supposed to be the first step on this path to shaping our minds and thoughts. All incoming students are required to take this class where the Reformed ideology is explained and systematically institutionalized.

“Before I came to Dordt, I didn’t know anything about Kuyper and Calvin and all those other dead guys,” sophomore student Kaylie Philipps said. “Now I could tell you all about TULIP and predestination and all that because of my Core 100 professor.”

As part of the next step of Dordt’s alleged campaign to turn us into clones of each other, a new mascot was recently unveiled. This gray-clad warrior is designed to rally us under one unifying character.

Dordt’s location also lends itself as fuel to these rumors. As isolated as it is, with very little influence from the outside world, it can be easy to become shaped by the ideas we are surrounded by every day.

Of course, these rumors are vehemently denied by Dordt staff and faculty.

Carl Zylstra, Dordt’s former president, has said, “Our new logo is meant to unify students, but it has no underlying meaning. He’s meant to represent the ideals of knighthood, which happen to be based on the ideals of Christendom.”

Although students have yet to be convinced, it would seem that there is no ulterior motive among school officials in the choice of color for the sale items in the bookstore.

Kitty Hansel, Staff Writer

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