Fall Festival at Dordt

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Dordt College students got in the spirit of autumn last weekend while engaging in the Fall Festival activities. On the evening of Saturday, October 27, students had the opportunity to participate in a number of fall-themed activities, including pumpkin carving, pie baking, and cookie decorating.

The Fall Festival was preceded the night before with a Halloween costume dance. Dordt students dressed up in costumes and gathered in the Defender Grille to dance the night away. All sorts of costumes made an appearance, from traditional to unique.

On Saturday night, starting around 5:00 p.m., several students entered their homemade pies into the pie contest. Judges tasted and judged the pies and then students had free reign on them.

Throughout the rest of the evening, students could come and go as they pleased, taking part in the pumpkin carving, face painting, cookie decorating, and apple cider drinking.

“The party stayed kind of quiet during that part,” said Diana Yepez, one of the students who stopped by to check out the festivities. “I ate a cookie and watched people having their faces painted, but then I left.”

When the sun went down, a bonfire started in the pit outside and students huddled together, drinking apple cider.

To top off the night, the Psychology Club hosted an all-campus movie night in the Rec Center. The movie was a psychological thriller called Exam. Popcorn and candy were provided to comfort students while they watched the movie.

Lauren Bird, Staff Writer

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