Trump Stunt

Donald Trump is an idiot. His recent shenanigans over President Obama’s birth certificate and college transcripts have put a few more nails in his coffin. Soon he won’t be able to climb back out of it to pull these political stunts in order to get attention from the press and all the immature Americans who see the presidential race as a reality show.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m referring to, Trump recently, and very publicly, called for Obama to release his birth certificates and other documents regarding his citizenship. The kicker? He offered to donate five million dollars to any charity of Obama’s choice. All he has to do is hand over his papers.

Now, I hold my own skepticisms on our president’s citizenship, intentions, and competence as much as the next – American. But this stunt is childish, illogical, and just plain stupid. Trump is giving more fuel to the democrats by portraying the right as fat-cat tycoons who use hundred-dollar bills for toilet paper. And now even more republicans are shunning Trump because they resent the fact that he has any clout at all in the republican party. It’s like being a Californian at Dordt College and being pigeon-holed with all the skinny jean pot heads on campus – the majority does not become the stereotype, the most ridiculous and outrageous do.

First of all, the logistics of this stunt are so short-sighted that it just shows how desperate Trump is for attention. This offer is not thought out at all. Does he really think that this proposal will prompt Obama to show the papers that he has been hiding for four years? Obama, whether you like it or not, is the President of the United States. And no president would succumb to blackmail from some has-been reality TV star.

Now, even if Obama would respond to an offer of this type, Trump’s terms on the deal just give democrats more ammo to battle the trickle-down economic system that Romney advocates. If Trump were actually smart (or if he was actually doing this for anything but 15 more minutes of fame) he wouldn’t just dump five million bucks on some random charity. The smart thing to do would be to use that money to create jobs by expanding a hotel or pumping the cash into investments in research or even founding a non-profit organization (okay, Trump would probably puke after hearing that last option).

Anyways, the point I am trying to make is that Donald Trump is just proving himself to be an even more brain-dead attention junkie than we thought. He even publicized and hyped up this offer so much for no other reason than to get more people to hang on his every word. Let’s just thank the Lord that Trump is doing this from his own home and not on a campaign bus.

Ryan Lapadula, Columnist

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