“Plaza Suite” theater production directed by Dordt student

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Visiting the theater department on Dordt’s campus is never a boring experience, especially when Jeremy Vreeken is there, going on about the difficulty in maintaining his weight despite his terrible metabolism and how he’s cheating on his wife with his secretary.

In case you haven’t guessed it, Jeremy wasn’t talking about his own life. In fact, he was running lines for the upcoming play “Plaza Suite,” a three-act comedy written by Neil Simon and being student-directed this semester by Mia Kornelis.

Plaza Suite” is “quirky and fun,” Kornelis said, “but also takes a serious look at relationship dynamics.” In the first act, a couple, played by Jeremy Vreeken and Rebecca Dykhuizen, head to Suite 719 in the Plaza Hotel, where the entire play takes place, in an effort to rekindle the fire of their now-stagnant marriage.

In the third act, a loudmouth mother and father, played by Chris Geels and Jerusha Pimentel, spend their time in Suite 719, attempting to get their daughter out of the bathroom and downstairs to her wedding. Adam Luth and Katrina Ryder also make appearances in both acts.

Kornelis described the play as “full of wit and slapstick,” stating also that “if the audience doesn’t have a really good time, we definitely did something wrong.” But the play isn’t meant to simply give audiences a good laugh. “I hope that the audience will be willing to take a critical look at these relationships,” Kornelis said.

Of course, taking on the responsibility of directing an entire show is no easy task, but Kornelis seems to be taking it all quite well. “I really like directing a lot,” Kornelis said. “There’s tons of people to coordinate  . . . it’s cool to have a hand in all the decisions, and guide the whole process, and makes me really excited for the final product.”

She is not alone in her endeavor, however, as many students, ranging from designers to actors to costumers, are all willing to help out where they can. “It’s great to have so many other students willing to work with you, give ideas, and help out,” said Kornelis.

Plaza Suite” runs November 15, 16, & 17 at 7:30 p.m. in the New World Theater. Students receive a discounted price of $2 per ticket, which can be purchased at the door. “The show is only about an hour and fifteen minutes with intermission, so definitely consider it as part of your weekend plans,” Kornelis said. So come, think, and have some laughs as you support your fellow students in their production of “Plaza Suite.”

Alex Updike, Staff Writer

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