Disc Golf Tournament

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On October 13, Titus Langedent in cooperation with the Sioux Center Rec. held this fall’s disc golf tournament. The tournament was held at Children’s Park, with over 50 people participating competitively and non-competitively, ranging from first timers to experienced veterans.  While participants were competing individually, people randomly sorted and sent off in random groups to play two consecutive rounds of nine holes. Scores were recorded and summed up at the end of the tournament. The overall winner from the advanced bracket was Terry Crisel from Sandborn who walked away with $60.

Dordt had a few of its own representatives present at the tournament as well. One of them was Jordan Van Maanan who placed 3rd overall in the advanced bracket.

“My brother got me started about 4 years ago at the Central (Pella, Iowa) disc golf course,” said Van Maanan. “Honestly I hated it at first because I was terrible and I hate losing. However, as you play, practice, and get better it’s a heck of a good time.”

Freshman Keegan Van Maanan and Brennan Veenstra also participated in the advanced group with Jordan, and while neither of them placed, Veenstra through a hole in one putting him in the running to win the ace pool.

Disc golf’s beginnings start in the 1960s, but no official courses were laid down until the ‘70s, but really didn’t begin to gain popularity until 2000. Landegent attributes this to the variety the sport provides.

“I believe disc golf is unique because it can literally be played anywhere – woods, sand, hills, around and over bodies of water, even in urban areas, “ said Landegent. “Obviously the sport ranges from recreational play to competitive, though most people play it recreationally.”

Landegent hopes to work with the Sioux Center Rec and hold more tournaments in the future. All it takes is one disc to get started, and all four individuals highly recommend playing.

Justin Pastoor, Sports Editor

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