Heroes and villians battle for the stage

In brightest day, in darkest night, no musical note shall escape their sight and let those who slept fear their might, beware their skills, pop concert night!

With a nearly full house, The Dordt College Orchestra held their annual Pop’s Concert on Friday, Sept. 21 with the theme “Heroes vs. Villains.”

“Every year I always ask students to come up with ideas for the Pop’s Concert. I take the suggestions and they vote on them,” Assistant Professor of Music Bradley Miedema said. “There were two other themes that were very close: Video Games or Action Movies.”

Every section only has three weeks to create their costumes and perfect the music. The actual preparation takes place toward the end of the previous school year when the students vote for the theme in the fall and start creating posters for the event.

“I thought all of the concepts were really fantastic this year, compared to other years,” said senior Nathan Friend who performed in the concert. “Personally, my favorite song was Gladiator.”

Although his favorite hero’s music, Spiderman, didn’t get played in the concert, Miedema said he was very pleased with the students’ performances.

“I’m always so pleased the students put so much of themselves into it,” said Miedema. “Trying to do a concert three weeks into the school year could keep me up at night if I really thought about it, but they make it happen.”

Typically, families with younger children “feel comfortable” bringing their kids to the concert because this concert’s atmosphere isn’t very “highbrow,” according to Miedema.

When asked about his favorite music that was performed, Miedema said, “I like the music of Lord of the Rings because the music always represents something going on” and also enjoyed The Incredibles because “I just think that movie is hilarious.”

The next concert is the Fall Festival on Friday, Oct. 19 during Parent’s Weekend.

Adam McDonald, Co-Editor

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