Dordt is the start of a new chapter for freshmen

For many students at Dordt, the beginning of this semester was nothing truly special. They returned to class and reunited with friends that were missed all summer, but no huge surprises were waiting upon arrival. However, for a few hundred freshmen, this fall marked the beginning of a new life adventure. From leaving home for the first time, to adjusting to commons food, to realizing that an entire class hinges on two exams and a 13 page paper – there’s a lot of adjusting going on. This week, some of Dordt’s newest faces were interviewed to get a fresh perspective on this old institution so many know and love.

Name: Felicia Schaap

Major: Nursing

Extracurricular Activities: Volleyball

From: Chicago, Ill

“I really love GIFT and Praise and Worship and how many opportunities there are for that.  I was also surprised by how friendly everyone is…I’m from Chicago, and that’s not how it is.  My roommate and I went random, and we get along so well; it’s amazing how well we get along…we’re like sisters practically, and we’ve only known each other a month. I do miss pizza though. Chicago style.  But it’s good to get away and be on your own.  It’s a good opportunity for me.”

Name: Kassidy Van Voorst

Major: Exercise Science

Extracurricular Activities: Volleyball and Softball

From: Hull, Iowa

“Dordt was my very last choice (for college).  I hated hearing about ‘Dordt warts.’  After basketball season of my senior year though, (Dordt volleyball coach) Chad Henson came up and talked to me.  At that point I had no idea what I wanted to do.  I really liked the college visit though, and had that feeling that this where I’m supposed to be – and now I’m here.  I love that you get to meet new people, because in high school you just had your friends and knew everyone.  But I hate writing so many papers…you get sick of it.”

Name: Heidi Tubergen

Major: Speech Pathology

Extracurricular Activities: Job at Fareway

From: Doone, Iowa

“I really love working with kids.  All through high school I babysat every weekend.  I love working with kids; that kind of made my decision…to be a speech pathologist.  I decided on Dordt a month before school started.  Otherwise I was going to Liberty University in Virginia.  Being so far from home though, I decided it wouldn’t be best.  Sometimes I wish I went to Liberty, but I think it’s going pretty well here.  I love how friendly everybody is.  I really enjoy Praise and Worship, chapels, and GIFT.  I even really like my math class a lot.”

Kristina Heflin, Staff Writer

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