Do students notice the changes in The Commons

            Though the Dordt College Commons has two new co-owners this year, who are changing some things up and taking on new responsibilities, some students have yet to recognize any changes from previous years.

            Jeremy VanDenBerg and Mike Ochsner have taken over the business of running the Commons. Both men are Dordt graduates and had plenty of experience working in the Commons when they were students.

            VanDenBerg, known to many simply as “Jer,” was a partner in the business for the past three years and mainly managed the financial aspects. However, when the past owner decided to move on, VanDenBerg stepped up to the plate and took over managing the food preparation and quality. Ochsner, his partner, is now in charge of finances. Both feel that God is leading them down this path of service.

            “It’s my calling,” VanDenBerg said. “It’s easy to get up in the morning and go to work. I really enjoy it.”

            As a result of the new management, several changes have been made to the Commons. The main change is the food they serve Friday nights. The menu is now one that VanDenBerg calls “things you’d find if you went out to eat.” This includes having wings, ribs, pizza, and turkey legs for students.

            “We’re trying to have more variety and we’re trying new things this year,” VanDenBerg said.

            They are also in charge of the Defender Grille. They decided to open the Grille earlier than in past years to appeal to upperclassmen and people involved in sports and fine arts programs.

            Most students tend to be happy with the changes that have been made this year. Sophomore Elizabeth Riley said, “I like that they’re trying new things and I’ve noticed they’ve set things differently, too. The only thing I would change if I could would be to have fresher fruits and vegetables.”

            Sophomore Sam De Groot has a different opinion. “I feel as though it hasn’t really changed,” De Groot said, “What they do in the Commons works.”

            If any other students have opinions they’d like to share, then VanDenBerg and Ochsner would like the student body to know that they have an open-door policy. “We like hearing from students,” VanDenBerg said, “We want to be approached and we want to hear positive and negative comments.”

Lauren Bird, Staff Writer

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