The Canons of Dordt are irresistibly graceful

           Dordt College is known for a variety of reasons. For instance, when one mentions Dordt, the idea of matrimony seems to automatically associate itself with our small marriage mill. Of course, one cannot look beyond Dordt’s extreme Dutch-ness or habitually successful volleyball and basketball programs either. On the other hand, one involved in the arts may tend to ruminate on the 63 choirs we have available on campus. And among the throngs of these vocally superior rings one group of delightfully original, yet still talented young men – The Canons.

            The Canons are, according to leader Peter Kuipers, “men who enjoy singing and the camaraderie built through choir.” “Too often,” Kuipers told me, “guys tend to grow up with the assumption that singing is a girly thing to do simply because they don’t see many older men singing (or they don’t understand their vocal change).” But anyone who has heard a male choir sing can surely attest to just how non-girly it truly is. “In all honesty,” Kuipers stated, “the sound of a male choir is strong and powerful and pretty impressive.”

            Admittedly, by this point you still may not be convinced that joining The Canons is the “cool” thing to do. Sure, The Canons, according to Kuipers (as well as the lovely posters hanging around) can help any man woo the ladies gallivanting around campus, but it is truly more than that. Praising God, camaraderie, recreating works of art, and having fun are all, according to Kuipers, reasons for the existence of The Canons. This group of men, though, is more than just a group of random guys singing random songs for random reasons. The Canons is a way for Christian men to be in community with each other, praising God and using the talents given to them by Him to spread His word, be a light to others, and have fun while doing it. The Canons are doing their part to bring every square inch of Dordt’s campus and community under the shining light of Christ.

             Now, by this point, the extremely advanced rhetorical methods and seamless transitions between pathos and logos within this article have probably convinced each and every man out there to join The Canons. Well luckily for you, joining is as simple as showing up. The Canons meet on Wednesday nights at 9pm in the choir room (MB116 behind the BJ Haan), singing everything from hymns, to barbershop pieces, and, according to Kuipers, a potential arrangement of a pop song. Plus, I’m told that there is a membership gift for those who join. And if singing isn’t your thing, you can simply enjoy The Canons as they participate in random acts of singing across campus, and, hopefully, show up at a future concert. So whether you enjoy listening to manly singing, or like me, would never wish on anybody the pain of hearing yourself belt out the verses to “Amazing Grace,” The Canons is a great chance to be in fellowship and community with a group of great men on Dordt’s campus.

Alex Updike, Staff Writer

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