Romney speaks in Orange City about job creation

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a special appearance to a packed gym at Northwestern College on Friday, September 7th. Among the crowd were members of Dordt’s Political Action Committee. Upon his entrance, Romney said, “America is about to come roaring back,” which was followed by a booming applause from his supporters.

Northwestern College experienced a great turnout for the Romney campaign.  According to the Sioux City Journal,  “the campaign aides estimated the gym and overflow crowd was about 3,500 people.”

Romney continued to impress the crowd by stating that President Obama “doesn’t know what to do to make the American economy work,” but Romney confidently told the crowd he knew what it would take to turn it around.

Enthusiastic cheers roared throughout the gymnasium as Romney introduced his five-step plan, in which 12 million jobs would be created to boost the crumbling American economy.  His plan includes encouraging small business to thrive and grow by stating that, “regulations need to encourage small businesses, not discourage them.”

Romney also affirmed that when he is president he will stop the useless spending.  He refers to the current $16 trillion debt as morally incorrect.  “I believe it is wrong to continually spend more money than we are taking in,” said Romney.

Dordt’s Political Action Committee (DPAC) members who attended the event were excited to be part of such an occasion in Northwest Iowa.

Emily Holz, a junior and member of DPAC was asked what she thought of the Romney rally. She said, “I thought it was very inspiring and thought provoking.  I wish Dordt had advertised it a little more and cancelled classes to encourage students to go. Republican or Democrat, we need to know what exactly we are voting for.”

Another member of DPAC, Dirk Oudman, gave his input about what he thought about Romney’s visit to Orange City.  “I was very impressed with his personal manner, and with his handshake,” Oudman said. “I appreciated that he made an extra visit to the overflow room to visit with his supporters there. However, I felt that his speech could have had a little more depth about his plan for the future in America. I heard a lot of what Obama was doing wrong, but not what Romney would do right.”

Kailee Adams, Guest Writer

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