Not your typical registration

It may seem that bike registration is just another meaningless task that Dordt demands of their students, but bike registration benefits more students than it seems.

“Students have been known to steal unlocked bikes and leave them across campus. Without the registration tags, we don’t know which bike belongs to which student,” Physical Plant Secretary Cindy Groeneweg said.

If a student decides not to get a bike tag, they won’t get a ticket like you would on your car. The tags are not required, but are recommended for the benefit of the students.

If a bike is stolen and left anywhere on campus, maintenance will pick it up, but without a name on the bike, it’s impossible to find out who the bike belongs to. “It’s a shame because we end up giving away really nice bikes,” said Groeneweg.

Groeneweg said they have found bikes all over town. “We’ve found bikes in trees and even uptown in people’s yards. It’s nice to know who owns what so we don’t end up giving a bike away at the beginning of the summer.”

Groeneweg says maintenance tries to alert the students before they give bikes away, but sometimes students just don’t claim it. The cost is $15 if students don’t claim it by deadline or if they don’t have a blue sticker.

However, the biggest problem maintenance encounters with students’ bikes is where students leave them. “The biggest hassle of all is grounds,” said Groeneweg. “When bikes are left in the grass we have to mow around them and in the winter time, it’s not uncommon to run over bikes with snow blowers.”

The blue sticker on a bike lets maintenance employees know which students are using their bikes in the winter. It’s important that bikes have blue stickers, especially during heavy snow fall due to snow removal. If it doesn’t, maintenance will cut it loose and charge the owner. The maintenance department houses bikes for free during the winter.

Adam McDonald, Co-editor

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