Ask an athlete: Erin Francis

Name: Erin Francis

Class Year:  Junior

Major: Digital Media

Sport(s) Involved: Football/ Track

Position(s): Slot in football, hurdler in track.

How did you first become involved in sports? I’ve always loved football, and playing pee-wee football when I was like 7 made me really love the game more. From then on, when I was in school, I was always part of athletics, and it just took off from there.

Why did you come to Dordt? The main appeal was the fact that I was part of the class that was supposed to come in and turn around the football program, which is what I helped to do in high school.

Best class you’ve ever taken at Dordt and why? My Intro to Film class mainly because it’s for my major and I love camera work.

What makes you stand out on campus? Dunno, maybe my smile?

What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time? Listen to music, watch Community/Regular Show/ Adventure Time, and play Super Smash Brothers, even though I’m not that good at it… L

Best movie of all time? Pulp Fiction. Hands down. No question.

What is the first thing you would change at Dordt? Location. Put it somewhere on the beach, or in a city, or somewhere where it doesn’t smell bad.

No expense, paid for in full, where do you travel to?  Japan, because I’m an otaku (Japanese nerd).

Keeping on the all paid for, if you could do anything for free, anywhere, what would it be? As deep in the ocean as I could go in a submarine, assuming I don’t die.

What was your favorite thing to do over the summer? I went to A-Kon in Dallas and it was insane.  So many costumes…and Turquoise Jeep.

What came first; the chicken or the egg? They were both placed down at the same time.

One celebrity date; who do you chose?  LUCY LIU! Because she’s gorgeous and smart. Have you seen Charlie’s Angels and Kill Bill??

Justin Pastoor, Staff Writer

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