Chamber Orchestra to travel to Europe

Rachel Mulder, Staff Writer

It’s been about twelve years since the last European tour, but Dordt College’s Chamber Orchestra is traveling to Europe once again to perform concerts and travel from May 7-18.

Although the Chamber Orchestra hasn’t been to Europe since 1999, they go on tour around the country every year.

“In 2006 the Concert Band traveled to Eastern Europe and in 2009 they went to the Netherlands. Now, 2012 is the Chamber Orchestra’s turn to travel to Germany, France, and the Netherlands,” said Bradley Miedema, Director and Assistant Professor of Music.

Although they will be busy performing, the Orchestra will also have time to travel and sight-see.

“Thankfully there will be plenty of time to visit some wonderful sites along the way, especially sites important to the Reformation and to composers like Bach and Handel,” said Miedema.

Many of the students are looking forward to traveling the most, especially Mia Kornelis, who will be staying later to do some independent traveling.

“This is the second time I’ve been to Europe so partly I’m excited to see some places that I’ve never seen before.  I know some people, myself included, are staying after the tour to see even more places so I’m really excited,” said Kornelis.

Matt Wiersma has never been to Europe and is looking forward to experiencing the culture.

“I am most looking forward to staying in the homes of our hosts, so that I will have the chance to learn of the differences in living styles, family practices, religiosity, and other such things,” said Wiersma.

Part of the excitement of going on tour to other countries is being able to play in the old buildings and churches.

“We are playing mostly in churches, including some very historically important ones, but also at a school and a retirement home,” said Miedema.

But travel does not come cheap, so the Orchestra has held three main fundraisers to help raise funds. They have had a shirt and sweatshirt sale, a tip night at Pizza Ranch, and most recently, a spaghetti dinner.

“We had a wonderful turnout for the dinner and enjoyed very strong support from the community. We are blessed indeed!” said Miedema.

The Orchestra will have their Pre-Tour Concert on Saturday night, May 5, at 7:30 pm in the BJ Haan Auditorium, so be sure to come and support them before they leave.

“I realize that most students will already be gone for the summer, but we invite anyone who is still around that weekend to come enjoy our tour program,” said Miedma.

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