Top 10 Things to do with your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Adam McDonald, Editor

Hey everybody! It’s good to be writing for my favorite paper again. Well it’s spring time, which means time to go outside. No more stuffy rooms or long sleeve shirts! That means no more excuses not to go on Dordt walks! Here is my top ten list of “Things to do with your Boyfriend or Girlfriend:”


  1. It’s spring, which means time to cut back on Call of Duty and Madden. Why not plan a picnic with your special lady? There are great spots near Sandy Hallow.
  2. Go swimming! While at Sandy Hallow bring a swimsuit and swing on the tree rope; cool off on those hot days together.
  3. Campus Golf! On a sunny afternoon, there is nothing better than playing a few rounds of campus golf. Show your girl those mad golf skills you acquired this winter while playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour.
  4. Take a walk to Children’s Park and bring a camera. Take pictures of each other on the playground while playing tag. There is nothing more fun than reliving your childhood with someone you love.
  5. Go look at stars! Girls love stars! Bring a blanket and lay on the grass together, making your own constellations.


  1. Although it is spring time, that doesn’t mean your boyfriend will be willing to give up video games completely. Go over to his apartment to watch him play Mass Effect 3. Although it sounds boring, there is nothing like playing a video game for an audience, especially if the audience is the girl he loves.
  2. Surprise him by making him dinner one night (men love food). There is something magical about walking into your apartment and seeing dinner already made for you.
  3. Go to Wal-Mart and buy two water guns. Fill his with water and leave it on the table with a note that says, “I’ve been stalking you. You have thirty seconds to get outside.”
  4. Challenge his skills to bean bag toss. Tell him the loser has to buy dinner and you get a five point head start. He will love the challenge.
  5. Suggest going for a walk even if he is busy. Hold hands while you stroll down the streets and talk about more fun things to do together

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