My Grandfather’s Country…

Hank Houtman, Columnist

Who are you? Is that a question you take time to ask of yourself? Often, we get caught up in the chaos of life and we forget to take time to look in the mirror and ask “Who am I?” I looked in the mirror and asked myself this question and was not proud of the answer I received. This shocked me awake and led me down a journey I did not expect to be on. While this pathway has been hurtful, in more ways than I could have imagined, it has also taught me much and showed me that there truly is still good in such a fallen world.

Now, you might be saying “why does this matter to me?” Well here is the answer: while everything may be going bad, there is always a comfort. There is always comfort in knowing that if you take the step, God will be there to catch you. As we have seen through history, men did not simply take the easy solution, but rather they took that step of faith trusting that God was there to help them.

So I challenge you as this last month of the school begins, to not simply wade through the waters and slide by. It’s time to rise and be who you were born to be. Its time to be who your grandfathers fought to protect. Stand up and become leaders, stewards, and disciples. Stand up with courage and walk humbly in the fear of our Father. Do not turn out of fear and flee, rather take that step of faith. Trust in the Father and trust that he will recede the waters of turmoil.

If you give up on looking for answers, and rather listen, you will discover the true beauty that is all around us. Searching for God will only make you more lost; rather give it all up and listen. It is in these silent moments that you will hear his voice like a soft whisper in your ear.

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