Harmy’s Army of Thoughts

Jordan Harmelink, Sports Editor

I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me, SportsCenter is becoming hard to watch. Some of you may know what I’m hinting at, but here’s an example to give you a clearer picture:

Last week was very eventful in sports. Major League Baseball’s season began with a series between the Mariners and Athletics in Japan; the men’s college basketball “Final-Four” took place; the NBA season was heating up with the playoffs approaching in less than a month, and the women’s college basketball tournament was actually interesting with the dominating play by Baylor’s Britney Griner.

Even with all of these great sporting events and intriguing stories taking place, on a few occasions last week SportsCenter still began their 8:00 am shows with stories about Tim Tebow who was on his way to New York to be introduced as the New York Jet’s backup quarterback, or about Peyton Manning’s new home in Denver, or the New Orleans Saints and the repercussions they are enduring over their bounty program. I see something wrong here. Don’t you?

The fact is that SportsCenter is so in tune with the NFL and every little story that goes along with it that they are neglecting and pushing aside some of the more interesting stories that are happening in other sports right now. Baseball, for example, is almost becoming a lost sport because of football. Baseball’s regular season starts today (April 5), but I bet you will hear more about something NFL related rather than hearing about baseball.

I am as big of a football fan as anyone, but football, especially the NFL, is becoming a cult in our culture today and SportsCenter is pouring the punch that everyone is drinking. It’s becoming annoying how SportsCenter is giving so much attention to the NFL when the regular season doesn’t even start for another six months. Football is what people want, I get that, but there are bigger and better stories taking place right now outside of football; whether it’s college basketball, professional basketball, MLB, or the NHL. Also, can I get a little college lacrosse?

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